Briggs Chapter 9

March 20, 2012 | 1 Comment

Many stories can benefit from the use of data.  Reliable data is something that is quantifiable and can be verified, and thus add credibility and transparency to a story when used appropriately.

Certain things, like names, titles, and locations are bits of data that can be easily sprinkled into a story.  Some other bits of data, like lists of hard numbers and figures, are better presented in alternative formats.

Spreadsheets are an easy way to visually organize data.  They are a much cleaner way to present data that would otherwise be difficult to recite in words, like the stats of a sport team’s starting lineup.

Data visualizations, like those created by Jess3 take visual data organization a step further by presenting data in a less formal, more interesting way.  A single visualization alone can become a story by itself.

Sometimes, different forms of data presentation can be merged for a heightened impact.  For example, a person could make a map online with links that pop up when rolled over showing the median income in the area the link is situated.

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