iPhone Boom Mic

April 4, 2012 | 2 Comments

Found on CoolMaterial.

It’s no secret iPhone is a fantastic piece of technology.  It is a sleek, versatile tool for journalists that consolidates the functions of countless devices all into one.  However, it does have its limitations.

The new iPhone 4s camera is great.  Photos and video come out crisp and clear. The built-in microphone gets the job done, but users wishing to generate a more high-end product will be left wishing for something better.

This iPhone Boom Mic captures much better audio than the tiny built-in unit while remaining compact and lightweight.  And at a mere $40, it is much less expensive than buying a standard boom mic.

The mic has two modes; directional and super-directional.  Directional would be useful in a setting like a public presentation, whereas super directional would be ideal for interviewing without capturing unwanted backround noise.

Quality audio is what separates an average video from a great video. This mic allows for the capture of great audio without being bogged down by backpacks full of gear.  The sound may not be a great as a traditional setup would allow, but it can’t be beat for on-the-spot and on-the-go recording.

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