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It started with commenting on posts.  Then Facebook introduced the “like” button, which serves as a sort of “comment-lite,” allowing friends to positively acknowledge the activity of their friends without having to go through the trouble of formulating a complete response.

Now, Facebook is toying with the idea of a “hate” button, basically the evil twin of the like button.  No longer would people be forced to “like” statuses like “that car wreck broke my spine, doctors say I will never walk again.”

Also, it will surely be abused as an incendiary tool of Facebook drama, used by strongly opinionated individuals who wish to express their strong opposition to the opinions of others non-verbally.

All in all, it sounds like a lot of fun.

Sources at Facebook say that Mark Zuckerberg is predicting two billion “hates” on the first day should the button be implemented.  Facebook studies have shown that people dislike more things they see on the internet more often than they like them, so this new button could soon be a possibility.

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