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According to several reliable sources, including a study by MIT assistant professor of Behavioral and Policy Sciences Damon Centola, allowing employees to browse the Facebook and other social websites actually increases their productivity.

While this statement seems completely backward at first, the research shows that giving employees short breaks to browse the web decreases their stress levels.  With these decreased stress levels comes increased productivity once the break ends.

Also, the MIT study revealed that the happiness of one individual can rub off on others.  When one person is happy, many other peoples’ days are brightened as well, so a staff of happy workers is a staff of productive workers.

The research used in the infographic also suggested that another way to make people at work happy is to, you know, let them go outside.  Yes, it seems that the idea of a paid recess period where employees could relive their youthful after-lunch breaks to play in the sun and fresh air is an idea that many fully grown adults would welcome with open arms.

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